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Current Hamlet Issues

Sea Cliff American Water Company Crisis

We are meeting officials from American Water Company and developing a plan to take back our natural resource which the Village of Sea Cliff negligently handled - the Sea Cliff Water Company.  For national and local security, we need to own and control our water.  Our survival is not a profit center of the village.  

The VSC had many opportunities to own, control, and regulate the water in Sea Cliff. But their corruption has led to this tax increase, which has been passed along to the residents as a backwards tax. The rental of the fire hydrants is another long-standing ritual to kick back money to public officials. 

Again, this must be stopped. 

Join the Hamlet and let’s get our water back to the residents! 


We will be implementing these local initiatives for the Hamlet residents:

  • Trees – You are permitted to remove three trees per year at will (no border trees).
  • Well - We will be digging our own well to supply water to Hamlet residents.

Hamlet Hall Office Hours


Monday – Friday 


The response has been tremendous!  

Hundreds of residents are joining us!

Come in and speak with one of our trained specialists to help you secede and transition to this new, beautiful life.

What's the Hamlet of Sea Cliff

The Historic Hamlet of Sea Cliff is its own legal administrative area and local, special district, unit of government.  We are not looking to dissolve the Village of Sea Cliff; we are looking for a new path. The law is part of the United States and New York State Constitutions, which allows local powers to protect the public safety morale and from repression from local rule.  Per these constitutions, local government exists at the discretion of its residents. There is nothing to vote for – this is a new entity, sharing the borders and property in Sea Cliff.   

You have three choices:

1.  You can join the Hamlet and not pay the VSC taxes

2.  You can join the Hamlet, pay VSC, and use our services

3.   You can pay VSC exorbitant tax money

We suggest Option 1, but it's YOUR CHOICE!

The Village of Sea Cliff is a layered government that is spending over $1.6 million in pensions and benefits this year alone.


There are 18 villages and 18 hamlets in Oyster Bay town alone. It’s time we allow change to take place. There are 5 hamlets in Huntington. There are 3 Plandomes. There are even 3 Manhassets!  

We are a coterminous special district that exists separately from the Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff, though we share the same borders and properties, all the public spaces, and are at the discretion of the residents. The Historic Hamlet of Sea Cliff will bring Sea Cliff back to a simpler life, with its own court without lawyers and services for its residents, as well as fast zoning and planning in an hour! We also offer better services that cost 75% less.  

We no longer pay taxes to Sea Cliff and provide our own services.  Let us show you how this works; we are here to stay and provide an alternative to the oppressive, non-inclusive, made up group that has ruled our Sea Cliff for decades. It's all a hoax of smoke and mirrors. They have no authority unless you want them to. Come join our new way of governance.

In the Hamlet, we wave and say hi. 

The Hamlet of Sea Cliff is a republic, not a democracy, created for the people.

Save On Taxes

On average, Village of Sea Cliff Residents pay $3,500 annually towards village taxes.  

The Hamlet of Sea Cliff will provide the same or better services for a yearly average of $950

That's over a 70% reduction!! 

Average savings is $2,550 annually!

Our Mission


Bring back the essence of a simpler and more friendly village; one that is artistic,  holistic, melodic, and has harmony.


Create programs that will help everyone.


Solidify Sea Cliff and appreciate where we live, using disruptive ideas to create a new social movement that is trustworthy and authentic.


  • New Hamlet Hall at 100 Roslyn Avenue with Weekly Board Meetings on Mondays at 7:00pm
  • Vegan Rob's Residence and Cafe - Welcome ALL for Free Food and Drinks
  • We are Part of the Unified New York Court System
  • Fair and Open Hamlet
  • Hamlet Association
  • Fire & Police Protection
  • Our Own Garbage Service
  • Weekly Podcasts
  • Cliffy Awards
  • Newcomers Meet-Ups
  • New Parents Meetings - Strap In and Learn What You Are in for for the Rest of Your Life!
  • Water Testing
  • Sea Cliff Plant Committee 
  • Hamlet Social Residence Program 
  • Hamlet Flower, Weed, & Tree Committee
  • Weekly Meetings, Minutes, and Transparency 
  • Hamlet DPW
  • Hamlet Supervisor
  • Free Beach Access 
  • Children's Programs
  • Senior Services and Meals
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Streamlined Zoning and Planning in as little as one hour!
  • Tours of Sea Cliff Homes  
  • Social Residence Expansion 
  • Newcomers Dinners Monthly 
  • Take Back the Sea Cliff Water Company
  • Fight the Development in Glen Cove 
  • 24 Hour Opiate Addiction Support and Hotline   
  • AirBnB Rentals

This hamlet is for the residents of our Sea Cliff!

Secede from VSC Here

To Join the Hamlet of Sea Cliff:

1.  Download and print the file below

2.  Send the completed and notarized form to:

 Marianne Lennon, Village of Sea Cliff Clerk/Treasurer 

300 Sea Cliff Avenue / PO Box 340 

Sea Cliff, NY 11579 

3.  Send a copy to:

Hamlet Hall

100 Roslyn Avenue

Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Free Hamlet Shirt For Joining

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our hamlet; feel free to stop in and visit!

Historic Hamlet of Sea Cliff

100 Roslyn Ave, Sea Cliff, New York 11579, United States